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When did you start working with Karl Gray?
I'm an architect so we've worked with Karl on various projects for almost 15 years now.

What has been involved?
Karl has done a variety of building work and extensions for us. Projects to date include major refurbishments on historic buildings, simpler modern extensions, building mews houses and a variety of other work in-between.

How did you start working with Gray Construction Ltd?
A client introduced me to Karl on a project and after that we added him to our tender list. Karl is very experienced and he's careful to bring on quality sub-contractors to the team. That's very important.

Does Karl introduce new ideas?
Yes, he does. With his experience, he can make valuable contribution to the practical aspects of the build.

How do the projects run?
Workmanship is excellent. General attention to detail and clean-up are very good. I'd also say Karl is strong with regard to bringing projects in on schedule. He has the ability to stay focused on the completion and to keep the project moving forward.

What is the biggest benefit to you of using Gray Construction Ltd?
One of the biggest benefits for me is that Karl gives a high degree of personal attention to every project.

Would you recommend Gray Construction Ltd to others?
Absolutely, and I'll continue to have him on future tender lists.

Anthony Brabazon
ABA Architects, Dublin 4

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Karl was always very positive about making changes. They did a great job and everything was done to a high standard.
Mags Goddard
Terenure, Dublin 6W
Karl's quotes are competitive and well thought out...and the quality of the work was good.
Ciarán Ferrie
Ciarán Ferrie Architects, Dame Lane, Dublin 2
Karl runs a tight ship; there's no hanging around and he's absolutely on top of everything.
Mick Kelly
Dublin 4
Karl gives a high degree of personal attention to every project..and stays focused on the completion.
Anthony Brabazon
ABA Architects, Dublin 4
What Gray Construction deliver in terms of quality is high-end. The project delivery is also excellent.
Fintan Keenan
Olga Keenan Architects
Both ourselves and the clients are very happy with the finished product.
Tania Miller
Kelliher Miller Architects, Dublin 7
Karl organised everything for me. He's very creative and innovative.
Ed Doyle Kelly
Co. Dublin